What Networks Can I Use to Send VS?

Coins can be transferred in different networks. Using the same network for sending and receiving a coin is extremely important and critical.

If you send a VS in one network and receive it in another, it will not arrive and will be lost. Depending on the chosen network, the transaction fee may vary.

Historically, the most expensive network is Ethereum, where the cost of operation can vary from 2-5 to hundreds of dollars. You can send a coin to an exchange or a wallet.

To be sure that the coin will arrive, you need to check:

The VS operates in the networks:

Often, networks have a mainnet and a testnet. Do not send the VS from the mainnet to the testnet, even despite the same name, because they do not interact with each other, and the coin will be lost.

To check the status of your operation, visit the network's block explorer and search by Address, Txn hash, Block, Token, or Domain Name.